• Terrace Junior Suite

    "The best view from your hammock.."

  • Airco Junior Suite

    "Enjoy the view from your terrace.."

  • Master Suite

    "Enjoy the sensational sunset right from your terrace.."

  • Standard Suite

    "On the side and partly overlooking the ocean.."

  • Garden Suite

    "Feel the wind while you walk through our palmtree alley.."

  • Garden Twin Suite

    "Great opportunity to travel together economically.."

baXar: ecosystem hoteliering…because conventional hotel business evolves, our operations respect and involve the economical and natural ecosystem of Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco, Mexico.

“In hotel baXar we strive to offer a miXed eXperience of the hotel facilities and the ecosystem in which we operate. We practice responsible tourism in Pie de la Cuesta which creates a real and authentic connection between people, culture and nature we find in our surroundings”.


We love to care for our guests, it is the one reason we work every day. We try to make a personal connection that leaves a lasting impression.

We are very proud to have landed in a paradise like Pie de la Cuesta. We'd love to show you the outdoors and adventure that surrounds us.

The interior design of baXar puts emphasis on Mexican design. We integrate the aesthetics of colourful art in our hotel and the beach club.

Tucked away from the large chain hotels, Pie de la Cuesta is a great place to enjoy a different kind of tourism: in contact with nature.