Pie de la Cuesta

Pie de la Cuesta

Tucked away from the large, all-inclusive hotels and the corporate and chain hotels, Pie de la Cuesta is considered a semi-virgin zone, excellent to enjoy alternative tourism in contact with nature. The beach of Pie de la Cuesta is several kilometers long and famous for its impressive sunsets and moonrises. Never saw a moonrise before? Chances are you will see one in Pie de la Cuesta!

The small hotels, the personal attention, the restaurants with a palapa roof and traditional Mexican food are characteristics of Pie de la Cuesta. Here you will eat fish right from the ocean, prepared on a traditional barbecue ready to enjoy. Pie de la Cuesta offers a magnificent natural environment that combines the presence of a beautiful fresh water lagoon with the strong-waved ocean. Because of that we are able to have a variety of eco-activities in and around Pie de la Cuesta like taking walks, liberating marine baby turtles, bike riding, horse riding, bird watching, boat tours and all kinds of water sports on the lake. A destination that has a strong single characteristic: being away from busy and touristy Acapulco, tranquil and close to nature….

Coyuca de Benitez

Another great visual attraction close to Pie de la Cuesta is the Barra of Coyuca. A place where the ferocious ocean meets the tranquil lagoon. For the major part of the year, these two ecosystems are separated by a large sand bar. Year after year, the arrival of the rainy season causes the fresh and the salty water to meet and the huge sandbar breaks. A spectacle for those who are there to watch is as well as for the flora and fauna of this place as the lagoon cleans itself and many fish species enrich the lagoon waters.

We love to care for our guests, it is the one reason we work every day. We try to make a personal connection that leaves a lasting impression.

We offer a fine mix of drinks and cocktails to accompany a menu of gastronomical surprises inspired by the Mexican kitchen but with a twist.

For those who cannot live without airconditioning we have two suites that are nice and cool to sleep in at night.

We are very proud to have landed in a paradise like Pie de la Cuesta. We'd love to show you the outdoors and adventure that surrounds us.

Choose your spot to relax on the beach or the swimmingpool and enjoy the lounge place right at the beach we prepare for you.

Large and soft beach towels in a handy beach bag ready for you to enjoy the beach club. Fresh towels every three days.

The interior design of baXar puts emphasis on Mexican design. We integrate the aesthetics of colourful art in our hotel and the beach club.

The atmosphere that comes alive in our beach club and restaurant is put together by music from different styles. Sometimes we have a DJ!

After treating your body to some sun and ocean it is time to take care of your body with natural handmade bodycare products.

Tucked away from the large chain hotels, Pie de la Cuesta is a great place to enjoy a different kind of tourism: in contact with nature.

Every room in the hotel is equipped with a spacious bathroom, hot water, shower towels and a touch of handmade products.

Your rooms has a small lounge corner where you have another little space to enjoy and relax during your stay.

We offer free access to wireless internet to go online, post your sunset images on facebook or check your email.